DiMed LLC, established 2001, is a leading manufacturer of equipment for diesel services. Our main products are test benches for pumps, injectors, PCV valves, rails, pressure sensors etc. Their unique design allows to obtain real characteristics of components with high accuracy and makes possible to tune each diesel engine like a musical instrument. Each stand comes with a basic set of accessories needed to install and connect components for testing. There are additional kits for specialized tasks that can be ordered separately. We also produce compact devices for component diagnostics, many useful devices for assembly and disassembly of injectors and pumps, specialized workplaces for diesel equipment maintainers.


Deep knowledge of our business and cooperation with leading manufacturers of diesel components, such as BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI, CUMMINS, SIEMENS, CONTINENTAL, etc., makes our products highly efficient and unparalleled in the whole world.


Customers care, 24/7 technical support and regular software updates makes our products a favorite tool for many diesel masters around the world.


We are looking for innovations and non-standard approaches constantly. This makes our products comply customers requirements and provides better opportunities among other manufacturers of similar equipment.


Our company founded in the Ukrainian and worldwide center of rocket science, so we continue to follow its best traditions, including high reliability, ergonomics, durability and safety. Many of our employees are the sons of the rocket school and apologists of high-tech approach to design and production.


We will be glad to become your partner in the diesel equipment maintenance world.

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